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ucvs test 2017

ucvs test

just a test

Memoirs 2017


80 cap EUCHN long term job based

Party Online  2017

Party Online

Party-Online Cap120 Degree13 Dropsin Mirror EXP 50x Nova 50 x Moon 30 x Sun 5 x gold 10x Drops.unique Normal immortalAstral Trader Gold 15x Event So-OKArena Coin Arena MangerArena Coin Max Plus12 No ADV Max Premium10 Silk 1 H 3 Silk

DemonSro 2017


International server Degree 11 CAP 110 PvE PvP EU - CH Job System Weekend Events New Rooms Awesome Features Automatic Events Old Trade system Battle Arena Capture The Flag Fortress War Hotan , Jangan , Bandit 24h Online Admins Official...

Lunasro 2017


ServerVersion 1.193New job system,items,rare server version ServerWebsite httpwww.lunasro.com9988 Got Music ServerLanguageEnglish Chinese. ServerHisteryLong steady server,almost 5 years.Mobs sort of hard.Uniques can not be block.We know u already...

Silkroad Panda Fx OldSchool 2017

Silkroad Panda Fx OldSchool

Cap100 DG10 RaceEUCH Experience rate 5x Party Experience rate 10x Gold drop coeficent 5x Item drop coeficent 6x Job rate x120 System job FTWJanganDonwhangHotan

Viran srp 80cap 2017

Viran srp 80cap

Gm destei yok emanetiniz emanetimizdir.snde bize katl httpswww.facebook.comViranSro-1160106610776905frefts

Andalous Online 2017

Andalous Online

andalous - online D11 cap 110 ftw war in bandit - janjan - hotan all quest open knight -baronite - count for first time open baghdad city in D11 new uniqe - new style all tample activites - forgetten world working free silks every houer new uniqe...

 RioSro  Cap100  New Thunder Set  Auto event  Play2Win Advanced Features 2017

RioSro Cap100 New Thunder Set Auto event Play2Win Advanced Features

Degree 10 Mastery Level 330 CH200EU Coin system. Original Avatars and New Avatars. New Thunder Set. Auto event. Advanced Features. PC limit - 3. Honor rank enable . Join Now

Oracle Silkroad Online  Cap 110  Upgrade System  Play2Win  AutoEvent  LongTerm  2017

Oracle Silkroad Online Cap 110 Upgrade System Play2Win AutoEvent LongTerm

We would like to present our New Server Oracle - Online The wait is over The long awaited return of your favourite old school Private SRO Server is back We welcome you with pleasure to our castle of fun and our community of glamour Oracle - Online the...



Start level 130 Level Cap 130 Degree 14 Mastery Level 390 First 50 players take full items 20 Coin system. Original Avatars and New Avatars. New Thief Avatar. Fellow pets. Custom skill effects. unique summon scrolls. Arabia town mobs. New...

asro 2017


Önümüzde ki Aralık ayında 5 yılını dolduran hizmet süremiz ile JollyGame ekibi olarak sizlere uzun bir aranın ardından yeni bir Emek server duyurmaktan mutluluk duyuyoruz. Bu serverımız da düşük rateler ile gerçek 100 cap tadını alabilmeniz için dizayn...

Phantom-Online Dg13  Pvp  Cap 130  Play2Win 2017

Phantom-Online Dg13 Pvp Cap 130 Play2Win

Bienvenidos A Silkroad Phantom Cap120 Degre13 Skill120 Race EUCH Exp 20x Exp Party 25x Item Drop 4x Gold drop 10x CTF Yes Battle Arena Yes Drop Arena Coin Mobs 108-109 DDoS Protected Yes Caracteristicas Phantom Dg13 Sun Exp Ratex10 ...

Konoha Sro 2017

Konoha Sro

Konoha Private Server , Job Based . Wind Mastery . New Features

Skardana-Venture  26.12.2016  Cap 100  EUCH  A new adventure 2017

Skardana-Venture 26.12.2016 Cap 100 EUCH A new adventure

Skardana-Venture Cap 100 CHEU HWID 2 Jobbased Worldboss Protected Coinsystem Balanced Check it out

Viransro 110Cap 2017

Viransro 110Cap

Gm destegi yokEmeginiz emanetimizdir.Acilis 11.01.2017 sende bize katil

TURAN Silkroad 110 Cap Coin System 31.12.16 ONLINE 2017

TURAN Silkroad 110 Cap Coin System 31.12.16 ONLINE


Silkroad Slayer Networks 2017

Silkroad Slayer Networks

11 11 Official Server Team Slayer Server Community Dedicated host of Spain - Madrid Zero Lag, Zero Bug, 100 Stable, CloudFlare Proxy 11 11 In Slayer Networks we like to keep the classic look Of Official Silkroad, Without extreme and...

Zeus Online  2017

Zeus Online

Welcome To Zeus Online -----where the fun begins, We offer you a stable and nicely built server with no major problems. We got mature team that its well experienced for this kind of things we were working on this server for quite some time and we are...

Power-RoadOnline  2017


Power-Road Online Sprcial Items NPC items SUN D 13 D14 D15 NPC New Avatars New att Pets New GodBales Sestym Coin New Quest Max 25 adv Daily events HS - LC - Uniques - PVP.. etc FTW worked 100 NO BUG 97 Weekly auto events for 15D Weapon for STR -...

Kingdom Sro 2017

Kingdom Sro

D11 - Power Fight Destructon FGW FW JG

SamarKand Online 2017

SamarKand Online

Hello Every Body This is New Private Server Sro Name SamarKand Online Cap 100 D10 System Old SCHOOL But we upgrade New Scroll's New Effect's Gelow Weapon and More Hurry Download it

Hello-Sro 2017


Hello-Sro Exp : 15% SP : 10 Exp pt : 20% ========== Upgrade Scroll Moon Item New Item NPC Server 100 Cap Chin Only New System Auto Event Auto Equip New Scroll New pet New Arena ip limited ===========

[UnderWorld]-Evolution 2017


UnderWorld-Evolution Cap135 JobWar FreeSilk Play2Win Advanced Features Level cap 140 Chinese and European Gear cap 140 Opening beta date 11-Dec-2016 For More Information Check EPVP Thread....

Edoiwen Online 2017

Edoiwen Online

Server info -- Edoiwen Online Open (03/12/2016) Experience Rate: 250x Party Experience Rate: 300x Gold Rate: 50x Drops: 65x Alchemy : 3.0x

DragonEye SRO 2017

DragonEye SRO

Start cap: 110 ; We are works for updates to cap140 iSro Winter Event works! Free silk

Join-Ous.Sro 2017


Hello To Join-Ous.Sro Server ( Play2Win ) ( Full Package Reward To Start Item ) Server Info Type -: Pvp Cap -: 110 Degree -: 11 l ?Silks Items for Arena Coins ?Coin System ?Items Fight +8 FB ?You can win that Dark Avatars from Event's or Donate for it. ...

Exilium Gaming 2017

Exilium Gaming

[Server Features] Quote: Degree 8 Cap 80 Job Based Mastery Cap 300 Race Chinese & Euro Experience 15x Item Drop Rate 10x Gold Drop Rate 5x Alchemy Rate Hard Honor rank Disabled Berserk scrolls Disabled Botting AllowedServer IP Limit: 4 Fortress IP Limit:...

Secret Road Cap 110 2017

Secret Road Cap 110

Dear new members and players , we are pleased to welcome you to 'Secret-road' the most fun game to play with friends. Considering becoming an adventurer, knight or warrior. Well , you are about to start the biggest adventure you can ever take with alot...

Silkroad Slifer 2017

Silkroad Slifer

•Cap 120. •Skill 120 Nuevos. •Mastery CH: 360. •Mastery EU: 240 . •Exp Rate: 40x. •Exp Rate Party: 60x. •Rate Gold: 100x. •Rate Drop: 1x •Alchemy Rate: Modificado. Plus Alchemy. +1 a +5: 100%. +5 a +6: 20%. +6 a +7: 15%. +7 a +8: 10%. +8 a +9: 5%. +9 a...

Tyr Silkroad Online Cap 80 CH 2017

Tyr Silkroad Online Cap 80 CH

Silkroad Online Cap 80 Tyr Reborn |8D - CH | Sro Essence | Job Based unique I Job Temple

Toxin Online 2017

Toxin Online

Gear Cap: 11/Level Cap: 110/Mastery Level: 110/Start Level: 1/Exp: 40x/Exp Party: 45x/SP: 40x/Gold Rate: 15x/Drop Rate: 10x/Max Plus: +12 with Advanced/Trade: 25x/Race: European&Chinese/Fortress War: Jangan & Hotan Available/Char inventory: 3 Page/Pet...

World Of Silkroad - Oldshool Cap 70 2017

World Of Silkroad - Oldshool Cap 70

Welcome to the World of Silkroad We are an oldshool Cap 70 Server with only Chinese Characters We added Monster Scrolls and Pandoras Boxes to increase the fun ingame There will be special Events made by our friendly GMs

RPGSRO Online server 2017

RPGSRO Online server

RPGSRO High rate 110 cap Silkroad server with unique reborn system, item forge, unique skill system, unique character context menu, daily events, friendly GM's and much more! Join us now!

| TrioSRO | Cap 100 |  Silks For Job | Long Term | CH&EU | Unique Point System | Exchange System |  2017

| TrioSRO | Cap 100 | Silks For Job | Long Term | CH&EU | Unique Point System | Exchange System |

Welcome on Trio Sro World ☆ Cap►100 ☆ Lvl Skills Cap►200/300 ☆ Alchemy Rates►2x ☆ Solo EXP►80x ☆ Party EXP►90x ☆Skill Point Rates►160x ☆Guild Limit►50 ☆IP Limit►4 ☆Monster Respawn►per 1 secound ☆Unique Respawn► per 1 hour ☆Job penalty►No ☆ Job Rates►80x...

EVX SRO - 80 Cap Silkroad Server 2017

EVX SRO - 80 Cap Silkroad Server

EVX SRO - 80 Cap Silkroad Server

Revolution Network Silkroad[Cap80] Amazing gameplay 2017

Revolution Network Silkroad[Cap80] Amazing gameplay

- Cap 80 - Chinese only - Mastery 320 - New weapon/Skills | Revo Sword - PC limit 2 - Plus limit 9 - Plus Notice 7 - Exp rate Mid - JOB based - Daily gift for login everyday. - CTF - New quests - Much more to be discovered

Sro Art - Online 2017

Sro Art - Online

With over 100 PLAYERS ON !! Hello loving people of MMORPG Silkroad Online. I bring the * Sro Art Online, recently opened and this brutal. It is a school server to remember old times Glory * that lost Silkroad, join this new community. * URL page:...

Dr Sro Online 2017

Dr Sro Online

Dr Sro Online Private Server Silkroad D14 Cap 130 PVE Free Silk For More Info Via Facebook Dr Sro

Silkroad WS - 400 FREE REBIRTHS 2017

Silkroad WS - 400 FREE REBIRTHS

Features include 400 free rebirths, starter pack, stable server with advanced security, bot free realms, high uptime plus the unique Item Forge, Click the banner for More Info

Fury Sro Old school 2017

Fury Sro Old school

[Cap 110 OLDSRO] Rates 100x - Race Chinese and Europe - Battle Arena enabled with higher reward - Mastery: 360 - Experience: x500 - unique character context menu - And more FIND OUT NOW

Gygax-Sro Online | D11 Pvp Server | Instant Lvl 110 | Free Silk 2017

Gygax-Sro Online | D11 Pvp Server | Instant Lvl 110 | Free Silk

• Server D11 Pvp/Unique Start Lv 110 have 10M SP And Free Silk • Alchemy From +1 To +7 100% From +7 To +10 80% From +10 To +13 50% From +13 To +15 25% From +15 To +16 Failed 100% Max +18 Adv C • Adv C in NPC For By Arena-Coin • Uniques Jupiter and...

Legion Silkroad Online 2017

Legion Silkroad Online

Legion Silkroad private server | 140 CAP | 140lv Skills! | New STYRIA event | 15d items | 100x Exp | 100x SP | 10x Gold | Vote for silks | Coin System | Special Upgrade system | Active Job | Custom items and more.. Join US

Terminus|Cap 80|EU & CHN|AutoEvents|Lottery|Job-Based|International|NewFeatures|10Feb 2017

Terminus|Cap 80|EU & CHN|AutoEvents|Lottery|Job-Based|International|NewFeatures|10Feb

Welcome to Terminus | Play 2 Win| Cap 80 Opened: 10th February 2016 Terminus [by Chronyc-Network] is a jobbased Server. We are providing a Cap 80 Server (EU&CHN) based on Jobbing, Unique hunting and PVP/PVE. Our features are pretty special. Weapon...

Experior Online 2017

Experior Online

Cap:140 Dg:14 All fortress and Forgotten World,Jupiter temple,Baghdad dungeon working Automata events Awaken system,Achievement system,Online silk system,Referal system,Event Arenas,Account Protection,Unique ranking. New city,new job suit,New...

ZSZC-Zone  | Cap 105 | Only CH | Mastery 360 | Protected | Oldschool  2017

ZSZC-Zone | Cap 105 | Only CH | Mastery 360 | Protected | Oldschool

Do you remember the ECSRO, SJSRO and ZSZC times? Where has all this gone? New servers appear and disappear day by day, but none of them work properly. (Too many edits, too hard, too easy, too complicated or simply boring) We offer you THIS. A stable...

Epic Silkroad Online Cap 100 | Job Based | Play2Win 2017

Epic Silkroad Online Cap 100 | Job Based | Play2Win

Epic Silkroad Online | Cap 100 | JobBased | Play2Win | AutoEvent | LongTerm | Balance | EXP x38 | SP x38 | Auto Equipment | Silk 4 Uniques | Active Community | Ingame Support | Vote 4 Silk | Unique Map | COME AND JOIN

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