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, welcome to our advertisement thread! This project has been a work in progress for several months therefore, well made and well protected. After months of non-stop work and precision, we've decided to finally release our server -- Abyss Online! We ourselves played multiple servers and experienced numerous let downs and mistakes that others made, even though they weren't ours we still learned from them and strive to create the most incomparable piece of work which we call Abyss. Here at Abyss there is absolutely no "Pay 2 Win", how is that? Well, that's because the option to donate doesn't even exist. We've made it fair for everyone, anyone can become the best without spending a penny. The system we've developed is most definitely meant for play to win players as we've disabled any option of donation(s) until further adue. If you work for everything you ever get this is where you belong, we have an incredibly competent team ready to welcome, comfort and support every user that decides to take a chance on us. Our team members were selected with the most precision, don't hesitate to avail. In rememberance of every past failed server, we'll do our utter best to make this server transcend. We strive to make Abyss soar, more prominent, more influential. Features Info Cap 120 Capture The flag Enabled Battle Arena Enabled Survival Arena Enabled Auto Events Enabled Warrior buffs Disabled Bard buffs Disabled Exp/Skill/Drop Isro Rates PC Limit 1 Free Silk 1'000'000 Chinese Damage increased Yes; 15% PC Limit The IP limit we set is 1 to obtain constant order and a legitimate gameplay. Anyone who bypasses the limit will receive a permanent ban as well as their account to be completely errased from the database. Starting Items You'll start with some specific items, which are absolutely important for the newbies. We've also added a new custom avatar like the one in the following screen fortress war First of all we are looking forward to achieving the perfection of all game features, so the system will be working with a point system, so please pay your attention to the follow: 1. Like on all servers there will be an event called “Fortress War Event”. A fight between the strongest guilds of the server. The reward will be triple as high then the normal Fortress Reward for every member in the winning guild and at the end of the event you’ll receive a special title name for the normal members, deputies and of course the guild master. FIVE POINTS for every fortress occupation. ONLY THE MASTER OF THE WINNING GUILD WILL PM THE STAFF WITH THE CHOSEN TITLES. 2. A schedule will be made during the guild challenging month. This includes all registrated guilds and there will be a guild war between every registered guild. TWO POINTS for the winner of guild war part. 3. A collection of GM events to show the highly skilled members between the challenging guilds: 1.Best PVPER; a 1 versus 1 combat, organized by the staff. 1 POINT 2.The best wizard challenge; a 1 versus 1 unique challenge 1 POINT 3.Battle Arena and Capture the Flag wrestling; The masters will divide their guilds into parties. Each party will be led by a deputy. At the end each guild should have a total of four customized parties. After that, the staff team will start launching customized BA and CTF in which each party will play against the opponent party. The guild which will have the biggest sum of points will win the whole part. THREE POINTS for the winner of BA/CTF part. THE GUILD WHICH COLLECTS THE HIGHEST NUMBER OF POINTS WINS THE WHOLE EVENT. SO NOW NOT ONLY WINNING THE FORTRESS PROVES THE STRONGEST GUILD ON THE SERVER! During the Fortress War Event, the Server INTRO [The Screen which plays while you login] will be changed to the chosen FW intro. automatic event There will be automatic events beside the events that the GM's will host. ♦ Lottery Event Participation > Buy the item 'Lottery Ticket' for 20 Arena Coins in a certain period. Winner > The winner will be choosen randomly automatically. Reward > The reward for the winner is the total amount of purchased Lottery Tickets (Coin Amount) of that one round. Fair Policy > Buying more then one Lottery Ticket won't increase your chance of winning. ♦ Streak Kill Event Participation > Be the first one to kill 50 players in PvP mode. Winner > You have to be the first one to achieve 50 kills and you win the event. Reward > The reward for the winner is 50 Arena Coins. Fair Policy > You can kill the same player only 2 times. After the limit you don't receive points from the same player. ♦ Trivia Event Participation > The Event Bot will give you a random quiz through a global. Winner > Be the first one to answer the quiz correctly through a PM. Reward > The reward for the winner is 30 Arena Coins. Fair Policy > No limits. ♦ Hide and Seek Event Participation > The Event Bot will hide somewhere around the world map. (Notice will narrow the dimension) Winner > Be the first one to find the Event Bot. Reward > The reward for the winner is 50 Arena Coins. Fair Policy > No limits. ♦ Party Match Event Participation > The Event Bot will announce a party number which you have to get. Winner > Be the first one to get the wanted party number. Reward > The reward for the winner is 30 Arena Coins. Fair Policy > No limits. ♦ Alchemy Event Participation > The Event Bot will announce the needed + on a Degree 1 item. Winner > Be the first one to achieve the wanted + on a Degree 1 item. Reward > The reward for the winner is 60 Arena Coins. Fair Policy > It has to be the wanted + on a Degree 1 item. Survival Arena Survival Arena is a new PvP system in Abyss Sro. It can accommodate a wide scale battle from a minimum of 8 players to a maximum of 32 players, including individual and party battles. 1. The last N players (1 player, 2 players, 4 players) • Individual participation is possible. Battle continues until the last N number of players remains. • The matches are divided into the Arena of Faith (8 players), the Arena of Warriors (16 players) and the Arena of Heroes (32 players) ''THE MATCHES WILL BE INVDIVIDUAL ONLY THERE WILL BE NO PARTIES''. • Signing up • Registration starts 15 minutes before the opening of Survival Arena. The game is paused during the 15 minute sign up period, and players will enter the arena following the order or queue of registrants. • Battle will commence after the 15 minute sign up period. • After the sign up period, you can still enter the arena once the auto matching system distributes the number of participants. There are no limitations on the battle entrance. - You should pm a bot in order to take part in the survival arena. Thanks to Silkroad Online for releasing an easy explanation of Survival Arena. jop & honor rank system Let’s start with the route.. we’ve decided to set the route from Jangan to Donwhang (ONLY AVAILABLE ROUTE). When reaching your destination and selling the goods to the Special trader you will be rewarded with specific amount of Abyss Coins (AFTER YOU RELOG) with it you can purchase SEAL OF ABYSS SETS PARTS. In addition, You will be rewarded with JOB Experience which is going to be absolutely necessary for being a part of our Trade RANK. (NOTE: Your job experience will be reset everyday at 12:00 am, Honor Rank resets at the same time aswell. What is the Honor Rank system? It’s a system where you're able to get a Free Honor points. For every trade that is sold (whether you are a trader, hunter or a thief) the whole party gets Abyss Coins and every one receives 2 Honor Points. • The first rank will be rewarded with full honor buffs • The second to the fifth rank will be rewarded with the first 3 honor buff rings • The sixth rank to the tenth rank will be rewarded with the the first 2 honor buff rings • The eleventh rank to the twentieth rank will be rewarded with the first honor buff ring. BE AWARE! We’ve set a very reliable anti-cheat system for trades so there will be no cheating at all.. Any kind of bug abuse will lead you to be banned permanently! event's The fun will never stop when gm's are around. We'll make daily events with good rewards. We'll also make weekly events with even better rewards, as our goal is to provide a play to win environment and a long term server which you can rely and play on for years . From the first week we'll start launching weekly pvp & uniques events. GM Ordinary Events - [PvP Event] • 1 vs 1 - [Descending PvP] • 8vs8 > 4vs4 > 2vs2 > 1vs1 - [Tournament PVP Event] -1v1. Loser picks next player to vs winner. - [Last Man Standing] • All vs All - [Lucky Critical] • You're lucky to not get a critical! - [Party Matching] • Notice will be given with specific "number". Form that number! - [Hide & Seek] • Various types - [Follow the Stalls] • 3x "GM's" will hide their stall with a clue to the final GM with his reward. - [Stall Event] • GM Opens stall filled with items for all players - [Bash Dash] • Knock Back your opponent outside the stadium. - [Songs Event] • Name that song! - [Be Stylish Event] • Let your imagination reward you! Pick an epic Avatar/NPC set style to win! - [Hide 'n' Shoot] • More techinical than a normal H&S. 1st and 2nd finders pvp to win. - [Random Colours] • Guess the cape of the GM while it's loading! - [Race In Darken] • Race players in PvP Mode to fight for your the destination. - [Parties Combat] • Party vs Party. 1 player from each party pvp. Loser is kicked from the party. - [Best Screenshot] • Send your best Screenshot into the Facebook Page Screenshot Post! - [Challenge (INT)] • 8 Participants (or more). 1v1 to kill that unique! - [Massive Trade] • Traders & Hunters Only. GM will host a massive trade run - [The Grand Caravan] • All Job suits allowed. GM Will host a massive Trade run with same amount of Traders/Hunters & Thieves - [GM On Top] • Get the last hit on the GM to be the winner of each round. - [Crash The Castles] • 2 "GM's" will change into a monster. Party vs Party, Last hit wins! - [Prison Break] • Job suit battle. Break away from the enemy! Trader/Hunters vs Thieves. - [The Perfect Leader] • GM Team vs GM Team. GM deciding on what player from their party to vs the other player. GM Main Events - [Madness Event] • Team vs Team to kill that hard-core unique monster - [Tower of Defence] • Team vs Team to defend their tower - [Missing Assasin] • Team vs TeamSlay that unique! 3x Defenders, 4x Attackers. - [Room of Courage] • Points given when killing [Players]/[Uniques]. Similar to Madness. - [Chief Job] • Hunter vs Thief. Fight for the trade in a special arena! - [A Random Partner] • Guild vs Guild. Guild war hosted by GM for fairness. - [The Upcoming Hit] • Guess the hit the unique will make to receive reward. - [Clash of Jobs] • Surivial Arena enhanced!. Win by getting the highest amount of unique kills. - [Hide & Seek Uniques] • Find that unique and slay it! - [Lure Event] • Lure the 1 unique into the GM Cirlce. - [Race Event] • Race to that known location of the unique and slay it! - [Ultimate Race Event] • HARDCORE. Race to the known location of the unique and slay it. - [Uniques Event] • GM will spawn uniques in a big area. A chance to up your rankings! - [Seal of Titans] • 1 Titan Unique: 1 point. Slay the most Titans in 10 minutes! - [Crash Event] • GM warps you into an arena for your chance to get the highest damage in the server! - [Medusa Slayer] • Many Medusa's will be spawned. Kill as many as you can to win! - [Beauty Of Survival] • GM will spawn the unique into a certain arena. STR & INT have fair chance to win. Weekly/Monthly Events - [Weekly PvP Event] • 1 vs 1. Title given to 1st. 1st, 2nd & 3rd receive Arena Coins - [Weekly Death-Bone] • Slay the Roc Unique. Title given. Arena Coins - [Weekly Fortress War] • Guild winners of certain fortress get Arena Coins for each player. -[Monthly Uniques Rank] • The best slayer of uniques per month. Rewarded: a specific amount of Arena Coins. RANK SYSTEM Unique Points Normal and Titan uniques 1 rank point INT and STR Medusa 50 rank points Deathbone 100 rank points INT and STR Roc 75 rank points Neith 25 rank points Isis 25 rank points Anubis 5 rank points Haroeris 50 rank points Seth 50 rank points Jupiter 5 rank points The Earth 5 rank points Yuno 5 rank points Babilion 5 rank points Zielkiaxe 5 rank points Arabian Khulood 50 rank points Arabian Shaitan 50 rank points Arabian Karkadann 50 rank points Arabian Thief Boss 50 rank points Arabian Kidemonas 50 rank points Arabian Demon Snake 50 rank points Arabian Giant Demon 50 rank points Arabian Crazy Iblis 50 rank points Survival Arena Guard & Boss 30 rank points

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