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Legends Sro PVP PVE D11 Coin System AutomaticEvents Play2Win

Legends Sro  PVP  PVE  D11  Coin System  AutomaticEvents  Play2Win

INTRODUCTION WE Are Legends Sro headers and weve got some goods news for you, Legends Sro is going back to hold the real meaning of silkroad we are coming to be the new developed Era of silkroad online, war drums are knocked now so sharp your weapon and fight for glory, fight to be the last one standing. we worked hard to give you a real fresh gaming experience to show you the real power of silkroad online, the beginning is so close the new beginning of the reality, Legends SRo is your battle area to show your madness power, in Legends Sro you can feel the community power. INTENTION We really hope to create an active and friendly community with a lot of silkroad lovers who will help each other. A really long-term server where you can live more time. A really play2win server where you can get the fun and excitement. Weve appointed a special team to manage the society in general in order to reach our goal and communicate with the community. EXCITING GAMEPLAY There are a lot of servers who are opening under the long-term goal and theyre here for the money so we wanted to be a really long-term only to save your money. We are not here for collecting money, we are here only to present you a really play2win and long-term server with an orignal gameplay and alot of new features that make the server more fun, action and stir. Official Links HomePage SERVER INFO Server System PVPCoin SystemFTWCTFBTMore Fun Level Cap 110 Race ChineseEuropean Mastery Limit Chinese - 440, European - 240 Max. Plus Weapons 16 no adv Max. Plus Set,Acc 16 no adv Fortress War Jangan Fortress Time Every Monday Friday at 6.00PM GMT 2 Battle Arena Yes Capture the Flag Yes Automatic Events Yes New survival arena . Special scrolls like mp hp 5k increase. Godbless VIP premuim added for coins. Special D11 roc stones and new socket stones added for coins.. Many new features just join us now , i promise that u will gain great fun with us. you start lvl 110 so we made some special scrolls to help you High Performance server DDoS Protected Elixirs, Potions, and much more can be stacked to a higher amount Removed Job penalty Removed Guild penalty START ITEMS HOW TO GET THE ITEMS First in our Server you will get NovaWeaponitemsaccs For 1 Gold And About Egy A WeaponsitemsAccs you can buy it For Arena Coin How to get the Arena Coins .... You Can get it from Mobs 109-110 and About Egy B Weaponsitemsaccs you can get it for Legends Coin How to get Legends Coin .... you can get it from CTFBattle ArenaSpecial UniquesArabian UniquesHWT UniquesTitan UniquesNormal Uniques SPECIAL THINGS And Now Some Pictures about NPcs and Scrolls and Prices Stones Elixirs 250 250 Gold Instant Return Scroll 11 1 Gold Reverse Return Scroll 11 1 Gold Resurrection Scroll 11 50 Arena 50 Legends Coin DMG Increase Apsorb 1 20Arena 20 Legends Coin Sapakuns Jewel 1 10Arena 10 Legends Coin Global Chatting 11 80 Arena Coin 80 Legends Coin Devils Gender Switch 1 100Arena 100 Legends Coin Devil A Grade 1 1 Gold Devil S Grade 1 300 Arena Legends Coin Angel Spirit 1 400 Arena Legends Coin Devil Blue Scroll 1 300 Arena Legends Coin ADV-Elixir2 1 1Gold ADV-Elixir3 1 weapon-adv 125 shield-adv 100 accessory-adv 75 protector 50 All arena Coin Legends Coin ADV-Elixir4 1 weapon-adv 250 shield-adv 200 accessory-adv 150 protector 100 All arena Coin Legends Coin Godbless 1 300 Arena Legends Coin Special Godbless 1 1000 Arena Legends Coin Title 1 200Arena 200 Legends Coin CTF , battle arena Battle Arena ,Every 1 hour Capture the flag , every 2 hours Rewards 1 kill 1 Legends Coin in CTF Wining team takes 10 Legends coin Loseing team takes 2 Legends coin in Battle arena Fortress war Jangan only for now and when have more players we will open other fortresses Fortress War Day Friday Monday Fortress War Time 0600 GMT 2 Server Time Fortress War Registration Thursday Saturday Fortress War Reward 3,000 Arena Coin 3,000 Legends Coin Given to Guild Master Automatic events Weve implemented many automatic events to entertain you while you are active in-game. These events are set to start many times per day so you wont get bored. While also having capture the flag battle arena you will really have some great fun participating in these events. All events give as a reward a great silk amount based on their difficulty. Automatic Kill the GM event. Automatic Hide Seek event. Automatic Lucky Critical event. Automatic Unique event. New Updates Mobs109-110 Moved to Samarkand to make it easier and More fun for everyone . Each Monster Drop Arena Coins in samarkand And also we Change FTW Time from 6 Oclock To 8 Oclock PM Decrease Titan Uniques Health NOw Holy Water Temple Uniques Drop Iron and Gold Coins we will always Keep Updating and let you know what we doing always and it wasnt last Thing in our Thread ill keep Updating Thanks alot to read What i wrote

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