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PVP PvPerzNesro - Cap 110 - Coin System - New Pets-Weapons-Avatars-etc..

PVP PvPerzNesro - Cap 110 - Coin System - New Pets-Weapons-Avatars-etc..

Do you think youre good at PVP Do you think youre good at wars and leading your team FTW Are you good at having fun Do you want get the best PVP experience ever Well.. I can tell you that this one is the damn right for you. Its your time to shine. Its a Beta phase for 3 days, So there is pictures are coming yet and the topic will be reformed and arranged againcuz I know its crappy but this was EMERGENCY Main Info Cap 110 Race CHEU Mastery 330 Towns Jangan Donwhang only. Constantinople SOON Fortress Jangan only. Constantinople Fortress SOON Max Plus 15 Silk Per Hour You will gain 5 silk per each hour of being online. Battle Arena Enabled So-OkCTF Enabled Forgotten World Enabled Magic Pop Enabled Start Level 110 Start Gold 500M Start SP 10M Start Silk 2000 Starting Its an auto equipped Egy-A Items, So youll have to make sure that you choose the right Weapon and Set that matches your build. Starting Pack Pic Coins Sources Battle Coin Battle Arena - Uniques in Temple - Auto Events Job Coin Quests in Temple Luxury Coin Event So-OkCTF Weapons, Set, Accessories Weapons Seal of Fight at DW JG Black Smith with 100 stats except for critical. Weapons 250 battle coin 150 job coin Shields150 battle coin 100 job coin Set at DW JG Protector Trader 1 part varies from 25 to 40 battle coin with 0 stats so we give the stats a usage in the game. Accessories at DW JG Grocery Trader 1 part varies from 25 to 35 battle coin Avatars New avatars All the avatars you can imagineExcluding dark edited avatars and some more cuz we think its trash Original Joymax Avatars for Silk which is 2 types. Normal Avatars Dress 300 silk, Hat 150 silk, Attach 50 silk at Old Avatars NPC in Donwhang next to Guild Manager New Avatars Dress 5k silk, Hat 2.5k silk, Attach 2.k silk at Item Mall New Edited Avatars Dress 50 luxury coin, Hat 25 luxury coin, Attach 25 luxury coin at Special NPC at the middle of Donwhang Pets All original Pets onlycuz others are really so crappy. I mean who wants that shit .. but if you want it we will add it New Attack Pets Pokemon GrabAttack Pets. Original Pets at Item Mall for silk New Attack Pets at Item Mall 30k silk and its modified to deal a pretty more damage than normal Pokemon Pets by Magic PopMagic Pop at Special NPC 10battle, job, luxury coin. its rate is low so If youre not rich and have full items already, I recommend that you dont waste your coin on it Devils There might be some changes and updates in the next Patches but for now its like this.. Devil A at Item Mall for silk Devil S at Item Mall 20k silk Zerk Titles As you start with no zerk titlered zerk. Title Scrolls at Item Mall 20k silk and its modified to give more pretty more defense so its surely valuable. Soon, there will be Quests to give temporary titles with the same features of the ones at Item Mall. Scrolls Were trying to limit all kinds of scrolls such as zerk scrolls and scrolls which give more defense, damage, etc.. As they destroy PVP balance, rates and fun. .. Though you can get zerk scrolls if a Magic Pop fails or from Uniques at Temple Rooms. Alchemy Alchemy rate is medium. Elixirs Elixirs at Grocery Trader .. though there is Holybible Elixirs which have higher luck rate than normal elixirs Crystals which have even higher luck rate than Holybible Elixirs. Both drops from Uniques at Temple Rooms. Stones As all stats of items are 0, Attribute Stones are at Grocery Trader for 1 battle coinexcept for challange 1 battle coin, 1 job coin, 1 luxury coin All other stones Alchemy Stones at Grocery Trader too. but dont worry all items are full blue. Devil Alchemy Sabakuns Jewel at Grocery Trader 25battle, job, luxury coin. 1st lucky powder for devil, you can get it from Uniques at Temple Rooms. Extension Gear at Special NPC 50battle, job, luxury coin Socket Stones at Grocery Trader 50battle coin Forgotten World Dimension Hole I at Special NPC 25battle coin After Collecting all the books, you can get your reward by buying FGW Quest Scroll at Special NPC 10battle, job, luxury coin which PM you to choose your reward between Hell Heaven Weapon Shield and automatically resets your Collection Book again. So you can make it over and over. Reset FGW Time Scroll at Special NPC so you can enter again and again. New Weapons Seal of Hell Heaven which is Dg1213 weapons and shields edited to be a pretty stronger than Seal of Fight you can get it from Hell Heaven Scrolls which you when from FGW as mentioned before which upgrades your Seal of Fight Weapon Shield. Uniques Tiger Girl - Demon Shaitan - Lord Yarkan - Uruchi - Isyutaru spawn all over the Temple. Drops Battle Coin with a vary amount. Anubis - Isis - Neith - Selket spawn in Temple Rooms. Drops zerk scrolls, holybible elixirs, crystals, 1st lucky powder. Balance buff Chinese has balance buff Balance buffs in Bicheon , Pacheon , Heuksal and new Shield Dash in Chinese Bicheon

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