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Pharaohs Sro

Pharaohs Sro Level Cap110 BETA OPEN : 20.11.2020 Mastery Cap 330/220 Race Chinese / Europe. Balanced Enabled. Guild/Union Emblem Working. CTF Enabled. Battle Arena Enabled. Fortress War HOTAN & Bandit!. Fortress War Time Sunday - 20:00 PM . Fortress War Reward Silk . Forgotten World Enabled Academey Enabled Devil S Enabled Magic Pop Enabled Fellow Pets Enabled New Pets Enabled New Uniques Enabled Egy A Gear Enabled Egy B Gear Disabled Solo Exp/Sp rate 300x Party Exp/Sp rate 350x Drop rate 150x Gold Rate 150x SOX Drop rate 150x Alchemy Rate 1x. Max Plus 11 NO ADV Glow Effect ISRO Silk / Hourenabled Vote4Silk enabled DDoS / Exploit Protection Yes Murder Disabled

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