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TochoSro Updated To D13 PVP ✦ Cap120 ✦ Degree13 ✦ CoinSystem ✦ FreeSilk ✦

TochoSro Updated To D13 PVP ✦ Cap120 ✦ Degree13 ✦ CoinSystem ✦ FreeSilk ✦

Hello Tp Toc Online. First of all I would like to introduce Toc Online to the community, Toc Online is a private server with the 120thcap. Why did I choose 120th cap? it's a 11th Degree cap Max Level 120 the best cap ever released in my opinion because you depend on jobbing to gain Iron coins From The Unique's & Arena & CTF you work real hard to gain such as the Iron Coin. What are the most important items to gain? The most important Items to gain are Egy B Items, it's From Unique's You Can Also Get EGY A items From Mobs 101 ~ 120 What about events the team members? There shall be active friendly team members and weekly events that shall be made. You Can Check Our Site Events Time What about PVP? The game most likely sounds like a unique hunting game. The game is just as simple as it gets, but don't think it's just a unique hunting game. Prepare yourself also for PvPing Because there shall be weekly PvP events and lots of other events more!

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