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infernosro I pvp > Pve I New System

infernosro I pvp > Pve I New System

how can i start in this Game ? *when you Creat Account you will have on your Account 100K silk free and Set nova +12 and 10b Free * you will go buy stone to make your set more stronger price of stone 1 gold Cheap ^^ * when you Finish your set you will be more stronger So Go Kill Uinq which drop arena that help you to get EGY A item and collect more arena to buy Scroll Egy B that will change Set From Egy A To Egy B and to get immortal stone from this arena *use bot to collect more Elixer to make + - here max + of game is 27 with new glows - Rate of Alchemy are Good Normal player can + to +20 using adv (prof player ) +25 using adv ( lucky player )=+27 using adv too Don't Worry about any thing if you don't need to make Donate Just a Time in the Game and More Luck To be Donate man Without using any donate waiting Event's Searching For English / German / Turkish GA And EM if you u want to join our team contact us On Facebook Fan Page Inferno is non-profit server, we are not interesting in donation our main target is to give you the ultimate game experience ..

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