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Tera Online✯D11✯PvP✯Amazing Features✯Play 2 Win✯CoinSystem

Tera Online✯D11✯PvP✯Amazing Features✯Play 2 Win✯CoinSystem

website : Information Level cap 110 Gear cap 11 Degree Skill cap 110 Monster cap 110 Maps All working Mastery 330 / 220 Races China / Europe Slots 1000 Gold Drop Rate 11x Drop Rate 33x EXP: 450x Skill Point: 350x Alchemy Rate 2.0x Job Rate 44x Bot Allowed YES Ip Limit 4 Some Things About Game • Max Plus For Set +20 • Max Plus for weapon +20 • U Can Buy From Npc Nova Item +10 No adv Price 1 gold • U Can Buy From Npc Egy A,B With Tera Coin • U Can Buy From Npc Accessory With Tera Coin • Adv 2 For Set And Acc From Npc Each One 1Gold's • VIP Prem For JobCoins + TeraCoin • Godbless For TeraCoin • TitleS For 250 JobCoins • StoneS For 1 Gold • Play 2 Win • CTF Working (1 KiLL 1 JobCoin) • Full Events Tera SRO | Event's • Unique Event • Hide And Seek • Party Number • Stall Event • Question Event • PVP Event Tera SRO | Features • You can get jop Coins from Capture The Flag + Arena manger + Scroll + Uniques • You can get Tera Coin from Mobs [106~109] • You can get Silver/Gold Coin from Mobs [103~106] • Elixirs from NPC For 1 TeraCoin • Fortress enabled ( Jangan Only ). • Times Fw / 1 week. •Emblem Guild Working. •Added Honor Scroll. •Added GodBlessing Scroll. •CTF/Arena enabled. •Enable Job/Guild penalty. •New uniques with special drops. •Daily Events. •Weekly Special Event ( For a good reward ). •New Perfect Glows.

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