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theOriginals Online

theOriginals Online

Did you miss the old days of the Silkroad with low rate , old system and hard alchemy rate ? Are you fed up of servers that are closed and difficult to open and easy that a lot of amendments Which lost enjoyment of playing Are you tired of the server stopped shortly after it opened Are you tired of the lack of attention for your opinion theOriginals will back these days again -Only China! -Cap 90 -Skill 90 -Exp rate: 30x -Party Exp rate: 35x -Drop rate: 10x -Gold rate: 5x -IP limit: 3 -! NO GM ! -Fortress war: On [HOTAN] -Capture the flag: On -FGW : Moon Items -Dead item System : Sun Items -Job System -Auto Equipment : 1 ~ 8 Sos Items -Elemant , Tablet : Enable -Stones : Low Rates -Alchemy Rate : Low -Jangan cave: Disabled -Auto Event -DDos & Exploit protected -100% stable since there are no edits that cause instability.

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