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YSRO Cap80 D8 Only CH Grand Open 15.6.17 Old Edit Very OldSchool

YSRO Cap80 D8 Only CH Grand Open 15.6.17 Old Edit Very OldSchool

Server Information Level Cap 80 Gear Cap 8 Race Chinese Mastery Level 80 Mastery 300 Start Level 1 Exp 20x kill level 1 Mob and you level up to level 5 Exp Party 28x Gold Rate 10x Drop Rate 5x FGW Talisman 1x Trade 15x Jangan to HT120m Max Plus 12 with Advanced 14 FGW Reward D8 Sun Roc 100 1 sun item Item Mall Items Auto EQ yes max D6 MiniMap Max taklamakan EU map Deleted Only Jangan FW on Map Trade Pet Kunlun OX lvl 70 Indian OX lvl 80 Fortress War Jangan Char inventory 2 Page Exchange Gold Limit 1 Billions Stall Gold Limit 500 Billions Server Slots1000 DDOS Protection Yes Website Protection Yes Backup Dedicated Yes Roc 3 Chance to drop Sun D8 Item New Login Place Available Old PvP Cape Available Mercenary Available Old Underbar EXP Available Old Alchemy Available Old Job Rank Top 50 NPC Available Honor Rank Available New Dress Available Change Name Available Skill Reset Available Stats Reset Available Advanced Elixirs Available ADV A B Devil Spirit Available 15 Devil Spirit Available 5 Silk Random Silk by Online time all 12h via Silk spin on Website All New Dress HP MP Stack 5000 Elixir Powder Stack 1000 Stone Stack 1000 Uniques can drop global devil berserker potion The first 50 level 70 Player Only by level 70 get 150 Silk reward More Information Follow Devil S Devil 7 Day Change Name Reset Skills Reset Stats Old Job Rank Top 50 JOB NPCAvailable New Login PlaceAvailable Old PvP CapeAvailable MercenaryAvailable Old Underbar EXPAvailable Old AlchemyAvailable Honor RankAvailable Change NameAvailable Skill ResetAvailable Stats ResetAvailable New DressAvailable Fortress WarAvailable Advanced ElixirsAvailable Devil SpiritAvailable

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