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SIZE3CENTER IMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comQy0Icab.pngIMG Open Beta 01032018 1900 UTC1 Grand Opening 30032018 1900 UTC1 hr75hr centerURLhttpsunworld-sro.euIMGhttpi.epvpimg.comQDLvbab.pngIMGURL URLhttpsunworld-sro.euregisterIMGhttpi.epvpimg.comCXeSbab.pngIMGURL URLhttpsunworld-sro.eudownloadIMGhttpi.epvpimg.com9puxcab.pngIMGURL URLhttpsunworld-sro.eucommunityIMGhttpi.epvpimg.comjSzGfab.pngIMGURL center hr75hr CENTERSIZE LEFTB IntroductionB Hello and Welcome I am excited and pleased our latest and finest work so far called Sunworld Online It has been a long and fun journey to create Sunworld, we have dedicated most of our free time to this project. I will and can assure you that once you start playing on our server, you will never need to switch between servers again We are and will always improve this project and actively update it. We are here to offer you the game you all have been wanting to see for a very long time. I believe that no server has truly had the Old School feeling that we all have been so eager to see. Sunworld is here to fulfill what others havent been able to do, we have actively sought after the perfect balance between Old School New Features. Sunworld gives you the taste of Old School completely without missing on the new stuff. It has been the most important and challenging part of creating Sunworld as our primary goal is to give you the taste of Old School without missing too much on the fun and new things. It has that slight touch between being fully Old School and at the same time fun to play in the long run. B Our Aim.B we aim to build a strong community by gathering old silkroad players together. we will keep you alive with the old silkroad nostalgia while also enjoying our games with innovative features that we have added. Our priority is to act towards your wishes and create a community that cares about you. Our aim to offer you a stable server by doing the best we can, and it is very important for us to help your on Beta test.. We sincerely hope to make Sunworld a long-running server with a high number of players. BSIZE2 ContactSIZEB It is our purpose to support our players in every way. To support our players for this purpose, URLhttpsdiscord.ggZSJ9xm9DiscordURL we created this server. We will be in constant contact with the leaders of the groups LEFT CENTERIMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.com3c64eab.jpgIMG CENTER SIZE2LEFTB Open Beta Process.B Open Beta it is important to create a smooth game in the big opening. Users who take an active role in our game during the Beta Process will be rewarded. During the beta process, constant updating and restarting may be the way to get technical failures. After the beta all characters will be deleted. Dont forget it LEFTSIZE CENTERIMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.commApudab.jpgIMGCENTER SIZE2LEFT B Cap 80B Why 80 We decided on 80 Caps because we thought that Silkroad and Sunworld were the best level. B Race Chinese OnlyB B Mastery 300B B Exp Rate 1xB B Sp Rate 1xB B Gold Rate 1xB B Item Drop Rate 1xB B Maximum Plus 10B B Sox Rate 1xB B Alchemy Rate 1xB B Fortress War HotanB B Active Towns Jangan - Donwhang - HotanB B Magic Pop DisabledB B Stallnetwork DisabledB B Event So-Ok AvailableB B Battle Arena AvailableB B Forgetten World DisabledB B Vsro FilesB B Tablet Drop AvailableB B Stone Drop DisabledB B Party Monster DisabledB LEFTSIZE CENTERIMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.com32d8eab.jpgIMGCENTER SIZE2LEFT B SystemBotB Its not just a system like others. Our SystemBot is here only for the help and for informing you what you need to know. It will answer you only when you PM SystemBot and typing hello then follow commands HELP INGAME Once you send to him this command it will talk to you and if you need to know about anything, you have to send a pm to SystemBot but you have to write this sign before the word LEFTSIZE SIZE2LEFT B SystemBotB Travia Lucky Magic Party Search Destroy Hide Seek KillTheGM Alchemy Lottery Retype Unscramble LEFTSIZE CENTERIMGexpandable 1httpsi.epvpimg.comdkFXeab.jpgIMGCENTER B Winter Story EventB LIST 1. In a server, hunt down any monsters. Randomly Snow Slaves would appear. 2. A character meeting the certain counts by just hunting Snow Slaves would receive 3 hours ExpSkill points increases. 3. When, number 4 is done, the certain character would receive the rewards as well as White Knight monsters would be summoned randomly all over the server. 4. When White Knight monsters are summoned for the fifth time, Winter Princess Miyene monsters would be summoned randomly all over the server. Mission 1 The hero stopping the right Snow Slaves out of all the others, randomly set for each server, the character would receive 3 hours ExpSkill points increases. Mission 2 For higher Experience points, kill White Knight and Winter Princess Miyene monsters.LIST CENTERIMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comv71aeab.jpgIMGCENTER SIZE2LEFTB Unique Spawn TimesB Tiger Woman Between 50 - 60 Minutes Uruchi Between 60 - 75 Minutes Taishan Between 60 - 75 Minutes Isyutaru Between 60 - 75 Minutes Lord Yarkan Between 60 - 75 MinutesLEFTSIZE SIZE2LEFTB UniquesTaishanB Defeating the uniques Is the most fun and exciting thing in silkroad. We didnt do a bad system for uniques so, all oldschool uniques are available such as Tiger girl, Uruchi, Isyutaru Lord etc.. Also, weve added old unique called Taishan and Roc as world boss. All drop some special ItemsLEFT Taishan Taishan is level 50. it appears in different 7 spawn points. SPOILERIMGhttpi.epvpimg.comXCY9eab.jpgIMGSPOILERSIZE CENTERIMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.com1oFRaab.jpgIMGCENTER B Three Job SystemB Yes we did We added the Three job system to SystemBot. You can change the job when you want. Pm SystemBot ChangeJob. SPOILERCENTERIMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comu9U7fab.jpgIMGCENTERSPOILER B Wanted SystemB we are pleased to present the new wanted system to you. How does the system work The system has a simple rationale that kills the most thief, hunter, trader characters will be in this wanted rank. NOTE Kill counts are constantly updated. SPOILERCENTERIMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comIKm3bab.jpgIMGCENTERSPOILER B Job SuitB We didnt do or edit anything in our job system so, its exactly like the oldschool job system. just we have a one feature. Job suit All job suits are available in Associate NPC with 1 STRINT. SPOILERCENTERIMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.com1ZOsbab.pngIMGCENTERSPOILER CENTERIMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comYXftdab.jpgIMGCENTER SPOILERBOld GlowsB GALLERYtitle Old Glowimage httpsi.epvpimg.comN7rPb.png image httpsi.epvpimg.comiuSZd.png image httpsi.epvpimg.comUVslg.png image httpsi.epvpimg.comwU32e.png image httpsi.epvpimg.comdGezd.pngGALLERY CENTER BOLD LOGINB IMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comW3s8fab.jpgIMG BOLD AlchemyB IMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.coml82eaab.jpgIMG BOLD ExchangeB IMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comAVk3c.jpgIMG BOLD PvP CapeB IMGexpandable 1httpi.epvpimg.comcY8Iaab.jpgIMG CENTER SPOILER BSIZE2 Filter PropertiesSIZEB SPOILER Exchange bug fixed Stall bug fixed Captcha code removed Arena AFK disconnect 20 sec. Job HWID Limit 1 In job reverse closed. Characters that are attached to Job Suit will not be able to use reverse. Battle Arena HWID Limit one Number of characters that can participate in Battle Arena HWID 1 CTF HWID Limit one Number of characters that can participate in CTF according to HWID 1 Turn off zerk scroll in FW In any way FWs will not be able to use zerk pots. SPOILER BSIZE2 Website FeaturesSIZEB BSIZE2 RankingSIZEB This system in our website will simply show you guys the top ranking players to make it more competitive and to help you to know who in the top ranking. LIST Top Login Logout Player Top Players Top Guilds Top Jobbers Top Plus Top Uniques Spanwed Time Killed or Alive Top Global Normal WTS WTT Top Job Pvp Kills Top Unique Kills Top Unique Kills LIST BSIZE2 Character LookupSIZEB LIST BSIZE2 Char InfoSIZEB Level HP MP INT STR Guild Job Title Kills Died Unique Kills Honor Point SOX Parts Item point Last Login Logout BSIZE2 CharlogSIZEB Char Signature Last unique Kill Global last Killed Player BSIZE2 InventorySIZEB Inventory items Weapon Set Acces Avatary Storage Inventory LIST BSIZE2 InGame Team RankingSIZEB LIST Login Logout Globals LIST BSIZE2 Event RankingSIZEB LIST White Knight Winter Event Snow Slave kill Auto Event Time LIST BSIZE2 Searching characterguildSIZEB This system will make you able to find and look for any characterguild by an easily way. BSIZE2 Character LookupSIZEB With this system, you are able to see the inventorystorage for any character. BSIZE2 Vote4silkSIZEB You can get Activity Points everyday by free way. all you have to do is voting for AP in our website every 24 hour. CENTER URLhttpsunworld-sro.euIMGhttpi.epvpimg.com1jLGgab.pngIMGURL CENTER

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