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CENTERSIZE7FONTSilkRoadAVATAR SILKROAD ONLINEFONTSIZECENTER IMGhttpi.epvpimg.comrZpNeab.jpgIMG CENTERSIZE7FONTSilkRoadPSFONTSIZE SPOILERCENTER as most of private sro player know we online since 2010 till 2018 and we re-open server with last backup we take before server closed,so all old player from 2018 will find all items as was they have. we save your money and your hard work to get items and re-open with last backup. we hope to get back our lovely player and get more new friends. SPOILERCENTER Welcome to AvatarSro, where the magic of the gaming happens What do we have to offer We have Free and Fair system in silkroad private servers depend on coins drop from mobs so u can call it Play2Win. Did we peek your interest yet We have not Dont worry... we shall. We got plenty to offer We are presenting you the NEXT huge thing in the all silkroad private servers. The AvatarSro is free to play thats actually much more than that. It started with a clean database and changed to astonishing and breath-taking game that it is today. We, the developers of AvatarSro have put our commitment, brains, hard work and everyday motivation to construct and build the server. It is intended to have outstanding performance and actually be able to with hold large quantities of players. SIZE5FONTSilkRoadWhat make us special than any other private serverFONTSIZE SPOILERCENTERAll private server players know all owners games when they make items donate that mean u cant find it into game for free even if u spend all time playing, but we change this point because we believe of the hard works for each one of our players so we was have a vision in that point by make Every single donate items in server into shop u can got it free by spend more time playing and became donate player wo donateSPOILERCENTER IMGhttpi.epvpimg.comq1vJaab.jpgIMG SIZE4FONTSilkRoadWebsite, Forum Social MediaFONTSIZE urlhttpsdiscord.ggwqqT4TGIMGhttpi.epvpimg.comScQEdab.jpgIMGurlurlhttpavatarsro.netIMGhttpi.epvpimg.comEWGkaab.jpgIMGurlurlhttpswww.facebook.comAvatarPlay2WinIMGhttpi.epvpimg.compfHGbab.jpgIMGurlurlhttpavatarsro.netpagesDownload.phpIMGhttpi.epvpimg.comnstzeab.jpgIMGurl IMGhttpi.epvpimg.com72PNcab.jpgIMG BBasic InformationB TABLEheadInformationBRatesB BSystemB Coins drop from MobsUniques BRaceB CHEU BMasteryCHEUB 520260 BMax Stall Gold B500B BSilk B100K BCap B130 BSkills B140 BItems BD15 BCapture The FlagB Enable BHideout WorldB Enable BBattle ArenaB Enable BFGW Talismans rateB 2x iSRO rate BAdvancedB Enable BRoc GateB Enable BFortress warB Enable BAuto EventsB Enable BMax PlusB 20 without advanced elixir BAlchemyB Disabled BAuto RewardB Enable BAcademyB Disabled BBot allowed EnableB BTowns Jangan, Donwhang, Hotan, Samarkand, Constantinople, Alexandria, BaghdadBTABLE IMGhttpi.epvpimg.comFN0daab.jpgIMG SIZE5FONTSilkRoadSection Skills CharacterFONTSIZE Before create your character there is some hint- -Eur 2 basic mastery 3 special mastery skills. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comOYH4eab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comTxZNdab.png image httpi.epvpimg.com1gQofab.pngGALLERY -CH 4 basic mastery mastery Emoji free 4 special mastery skills. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.com4AF5eab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comOYH4eab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comTxZNdab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comhaGHaab.png image httpi.epvpimg.com1gQofab.pngGALLERY SIZE5FONTSilkRoadSection Select CharacterFONTSIZE in that section we broken all rules, u can create 16 Character in one username. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.com8ly3dab.jpg image httpi.epvpimg.comZpkqaab.jpg image httpi.epvpimg.comkNIngab.jpg image httpi.epvpimg.comXgHqaab.jpgGALLERY SIZE5FONTSilkRoadSection Auto UpFONTSIZE u will find your mastery skills and stats scrolls up in npc area in npc called scrolls. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comN3bgaab.pngGALLERY BStarting OffB IMGhttpi.epvpimg.comxi8igab.jpgIMG When you create your character youll automatically be level 130, and you start off with 50 reverse scrolls, 10 Drugs of Typoon, 1B Gold, and 100K Silk.CENTER GALLERYimage httpepvpimg.comfIPugab.pngGALLERY CENTERBStarting AreaB After finish your character creation and login, youll login in start area you will find npc named Upgrade Items. Once you enter that NPC, youll find items D14Set, and ACCWep All 0 stats 100 FB.CENTER GALLERYimage httpepvpimg.comkHmudab.pngGALLERY CENTERBUpgrade SystemB Once u buying your items wear it than buy scroll upgrade from shop and right click on it your items will upgrade to D15 20 stats 100 Full Blue.CENTER GALLERYimage httpepvpimg.comgSn9dab.pngGALLERY CENTERSIZE5FONTSilkRoadSection Drop CoinsFONTSIZE BWhere can I get AVA CoinsB SPOILERCENTER -Boting in SamarKand Area mobs ONG level 125 drop AVA coin. -We replaced all mobs in SamarKand to ONG to give chance to all for fair farm. SPOILERCENTER BMost of special items u can get by AVA coinsB Premium 30GodBlessChar EffectHonor Buffand more special items. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comlF1Jfab.jpgGALLERY SIZE5FONTSilkRoadSection Job CoinFONTSIZE BWhere can I get Job CoinB SPOILERCENTER -Auto reward 5k job coin for each time u increased your job level to 130, u will be level 1 again in job to start over your level. -Arena teamjobrandomguild 100 job coin for winner team50 job coin for loser team. -Daily Login Reward random 1500 job coin -Most Online Player every day 50 job coin. -PVP slayer mode winner 50 job coin. -JOB slayer mode winner 50 Job coin. -CTF each 1 kill for 1 job coin. -SphinxHorusSekhmetOsirisNephthys each unique drop 25 Job Coin u can enter 2 time per day. -Unique Rank 3K2K1K Reward for 1st 3 player in rank Every Month. -Job Rank 3K2K1K Reward for 1st 3 player in rank Every Month. -Event PvpHideSeekUniqueSurvivalTriviaSearchDestroyLucky Party Numberrewared 50 Job Coin. -Kill The Gm Reward Job coin for each round. -Drop unique start from 5100 Job coin. -Each reverse point in map had unique drop 10100 Job coins. -All fortress has been closed for now Jangan Fortrees only allowed to play in MondayFriday and Reward 500 Job coin for each member in winner guild. PS-Rank Unique update every day at 1200 AM. SPOILER BMost of special items u can get by Job CoinB special skillsdevil famehammer ftwhero scrollspecial attack pets. GALLERYimage httpepvpimg.comEduXeab.pngGALLERY IMGhttpi.epvpimg.comkMA7dab.jpgIMG SIZE5FONTSilkRoadSection JobFONTSIZECENTER SPOILERCENTER IMGhttpi.epvpimg.com8BSJaab.jpgIMGReward for trade 5 croos 1 town 100 Job Coins. IMGhttpi.epvpimg.com8BSJaab.jpgIMGReward for trade 5 croos 2 town 200 Job Coins. IMGhttpi.epvpimg.com8BSJaab.jpgIMGReward for trade 5 croos 3 town 300 Job Coins. IMGhttpi.epvpimg.com8BSJaab.jpgIMGReward for trade 5 croos 4 town 400 Job Coins. IMGhttpi.epvpimg.com8BSJaab.jpgIMGReward for trade 5 croos 5 town 500 Job Coins. IMGhttpi.epvpimg.comV0c5bab.jpgIMGReward for robber 5 to thief town 100 Job Coins. PS-Before selling your trade make sure u dont have any pt. PS-After sell trade restart your char to get your reward.SPOILERCENTER BWhere can I get GoldB -Neith drop scroll 600B gold. -Selket drop scroll 600B gold. -Isis drop scroll 600B gold. -Anubis drop scroll 600B gold. -Viper STR drop scroll 600B gold appeared in B2. -Hunting 6 unique each one drop scroll 300B gold around map. -Hunting 6 unique each one drop scroll 600B gold around map. -4 Ghost Sereness appeared in FGW grade 1234 each one drop scroll gold 600B. -Hunting 5 unique hight HP each one drop scroll 1T gold appeared inside rooms. -Hunting 19 unique appeared inside hideout world u must be under job mode to enter. CENTERSIZE5FONTSilkRoadJob Coins By GoldFONTSIZECENTER we edit JC JOB COIN in shop each one for 2B Gold. GALLERYimage httpepvpimg.comDPdJcab.pngGALLERY BScroll gold in shop 150300TB. GALLERYimage httpepvpimg.comzBZ2aab.pngGALLERY SIZE5FONTSilkRoadSection Drop itemsFONTSIZE BWhere can I get Zerk ScrollB As for Viper INTRoc gate you can only go to unique at specific time when door open. Meaning unique room are locked and when the time is right there a teleport that enable you to teleport to unique monster. Viper INT everyone allowed to go and Roc only those with the most Have Key to allowed to go there a graph that show who has the most SPOILERCENTER -Viper INT drop 15 zerk scroll appeared in B6. -Roc gate drop 100 zerk scroll u can enter gate by key in shop.SPOILERCENTER GALLERYimage httpepvpimg.comYX3Ycab.pngimage httpepvpimg.com9ZIjh.pngGALLERY BDaily Time AppearedB TABLEheadUniqueBTimeB BGate Of Roc By KeyB open 2 time at 100 AM 100 PM BGate Of Medousa INTB open 2 time at 300 AM 300 PMTABLE BDaily special reward for killer Seth and HaroerisB SPOILERCENTER Commander patch and Sereness tears SPOILERCENTER BDaily Time AppearedB The Job Temple has a timer which opens special Unique rooms at different times during the day for a set duration as you can see here The time stated is SST Standard Server Time, the rooms open every 12 hours. There are announcements in-game 10 mins and 5 mins before the rooms will open. TABLEheadUniqueBTimeB BYou can enter the Sanctum of Restriction and Sanctum of Blue Eye for SelkisNeith Bopen 2 time at 500 AM 500 PM BYou can enter the Sanctum of Punishment and Sanctum of Atonement for InbuisIsisB open 2 time at 700 AM 700 PM BYou can enter the Sanctum of Immorality and Sanctum of Dark for SethHaroeris By Quest Bopen 2 time at 900 AM 900 PMTABLE All of the Uniques inside the Job Temple can drop Gold Scroll. There is also a 100 chance of them dropping Commander patch and Sereness tears BJob Temple Unique Quest GuideB GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comKBsneab.jpgGALLERY CENTERBEWARE THAT THIS IS AN OPEN JOB CONFLICT DUNGEON THIEVES VS HUNTERSTRADERS I RECOMMEND GOING WITH A PARTY Here i will show you what Uniques spawn in the Job Temple and where they spawn as well as explaining the AP aspect. You can check how much AP each Job Union has at anytime by pressing the little square icon below your radar IMGhttpi.epvpimg.comhuuYeab.pngIMG to bring up the Area Point window. Note You must have entered the Job Temple at least once for the icon to show GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comEvTmaab.jpgGALLERY As you can see on picture above, the HuntersTraders Union have gained 400 AP from Quests towards the Haroeris and Seth rooms. So currently the HuntersTraders will be able to enter and the Thieves will not. The first two Uniques that you can kill are Selket and Neith and are located here These first two Uniques do not require any AP contribution. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comGkUJdab.jpgGALLERY Now you will need to start completing repeatable Quests to gain AP to fight the last 4 Uniques Each repeatable Quest inside the Job temple gives an AP reward to your Job Union as well as gold and experience for you, see below GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comNc4bcab.pngGALLERY The Quest NPC for HuntersTraders is located here GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comojJlgab.jpgGALLERY Completing Quests from this NPC will gain your Job Union HuntersTraders AP for the Sanctum of Punishment and Sanctum of Atonement The Quest NPC for Thieves is located here GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comE3j1eab.jpgGALLERY Completing Quests from this NPC will gain your Union Thieves AP for the Sanctum of Punishment and the Sanctum of Atonement You can check how much AP each Job Union has at anytime by pressing the little square icon below your radar IMGhttpi.epvpimg.comhuuYeab.pngIMG to bring up the Area Point window. The next two Uniques that you can kill are Anubis and Isis they are located here Your Job Union needs to have the higher amount of AP to enter If no AP has been gained by HuntersTraders or Thieves then both Job Unions can enter GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.com0NYBeab.jpgGALLERY To Gain AP for the last 2 Unique rooms both Unions HuntersTraders and Thieves will need to complete Quests from a different NPC located here in the Sanctum of Audience GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.com1STBaab.jpgGALLERY Completing Quests from this NPC will gain your Union AP for the Sanctum of Immorality and the Sanctum of Dark The last two Uniques that you can kill are Haroeris and Seth they are located here Your Job Union needs to have the higher amount of AP to enter If no AP has been gained by HuntersTraders or Thieves then no-one can enter until the next spawn You must kill Haroeris before you can move onto Seth. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.com8I5ycab.jpgGALLERY Thats all the Uniques that spawn in the Job temple I dont think that little picture of Seth does him justice, this one is more like it Seth is an extremely powerful Unique, you will need a 88 party possibly more for this GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comil03bab.jpgGALLERYCENTER BNew Job Suit SkillsB New Job Suit Skills Level has been edit for all Jobs GALLERYimage httpepvpimg.comnSA2dab.pngimage httpepvpimg.comMbkyaab.pngimage httpepvpimg.comjkhlaab.png image httpepvpimg.comSTvbfab.pngGALLERY BJob LevelB Job level has been increased to level 130 GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comtffCgab.jpgGALLERY BRanking Daily JobB Every day update top job player GALLERYimage httpepvpimg.comkzBVcab.pngimage httpepvpimg.comyRpHgab.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.comS2Wscab.pngGALLERY CENTERSIZE5FONTSilkRoadNew Job CosFONTSIZECENTER We have 5 different types of job COS, so how do you obtain them TABLEheadCOSBMETHODSPEEDSLOTSB BElephantitem mall60159B BBuffaloshop70159B BFive Horned Rhinocerosshop70159B BDark LizardFtwshop80159B BBehemothFtwshop80159BTABLE GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comTDrEdab.jpg image httpi.epvpimg.comGRfheab.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.comPkzmaab.pngGALLERY BDaily Reward SystemB Daily Reward for active player every day Job coins. will send auto to your storage. and u will recieved auto MSG include u got reward into your storage. GALLERYimage httpepvpimg.comnFhcfab.pngimage httpepvpimg.com5PUic.pngGALLERY BTop job Rank auto title SystemB When you increased your job level, you will received level 1 Job Status 1 Increase of everything, and each Level u increased will update in rank every day until to get max job level, also u will get new effect for each job level rank u have Above is an image of Level 5 Job Status. TABLEheadTaskBuff BTop Level jobbers Rank51 all stats buff Job Lv 5 B BTop Level jobbers Rank42 all stats buff Job Lv 4 B BTop Level jobbers Rank33 all stats buff Job Lv 3 B BTop Level jobbers Rank24 all stats buff Job Lv 2 B BTop Level jobbers Rank15 all stats buff Job Lv 1 BTABLE GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.com75LXaab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comMlZjbab.png image httpi.epvpimg.com7cxHgab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comlededab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comoCy3eab.pngGALLERY BFortress Reward SystemB Every MondayFriday after FTW end. system will send to each player on winner guild 500 Job coin will sent into your storage,and the guild master will got special title name. GALLERYimage httpepvpimg.com0RH8dab.pngimage httpepvpimg.comauGXcab.pngimage httpepvpimg.comVInUbab.pngGALLERY BTop gold rank auto title SystemB this system depend on top rich player have much gold. GALLERYimage httpepvpimg.comk6Zkc.pngGALLERY BTitle system to encourage unique huntingB IMGhttpi.epvpimg.com5C3Waab.jpgIMG In order to encourage unique hunting we have developed a system in which you earn 1 of 11 Special Title per unique killed,This system made for hight hp uniques, In case title is lost, your old title is restored. GALLERYimage httpepvpimg.comBTdUcab.pngGALLERY BMost online player Daily SystemB this system depend on top online player every day with reward. GALLERYimage httpepvpimg.com41p7dab.pngimagehttpepvpimg.comlGZHgab.pngGALLERY BHero SystemB hero system is hight rank in server with buff 6 increased strintetc.. runing with scroll title increased your defence when open zerk,also your name will noticed in OFFON, also u will get new effect for Hero rank Above is an image. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comRS6Maab.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.comWcTyh.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.comErmAb.pngGALLERY BPermant Buffs SystemB Permant Buffs for chineese only,every time u login or use any return scroll u dont need to Re-buf cuez the Permant Buffs will make your Buff for u, GALLERYimage httpepvpimg.comJehCcab.pngGALLERY BFaceBook System.B FaceBook like system,send like.ds-like.comment in MSG to any character u wanna to vote for him,most player got like will get special title. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comephUbab.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.comHqv8eab.pngGALLERY BFortress War SystemB Fortress War takes place every MondayFriday, every week. There is 4 fortresss available, those being Jangan, Bandit, Hotan, and Constantinople fortresss. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.com5aH0d.jpgGALLERY B Wanted System B When a player achieves a count of 1050 kills of an opposite jobber, you will get the title Wanted You will have this title till period time finished The title for hunters, traders, thifes as a slight variation.Enjoy killing each other Here are some detailed you might need to know about our Wanted system. TABLEheadTaskBuff BKill 10 opposite jobbers1 all stats buff Wanted Lv 1 B BKill 20 opposite jobbers2 all stats buff Wanted Lv 2 B BKill 30 opposite jobbers3 all stats buff Wanted Lv 3 B BKill 40 opposite jobbers4 all stats buff Wanted Lv 4 B BKill 50 opposite jobbers5 all stats buff Wanted Lv 5 BTABLE GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comrRDEgab.pngGALLERY BNew Tile SystemB send msg to title inbox include the title name u want.u will tp direct with the title u chosen. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comJWwic.jpgimage httpi.epvpimg.comGRgOeab.jpgimage httpi.epvpimg.comA079gab.jpgGALLERY BAfk BubblesB When you are AFK for 5 minutes or more other players will see a bubble animation on your head. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comgeHggab.jpgGALLERY CENTERSIZE5FONTSilkRoadSection NPCsFONTSIZECENTER BSpecial Avatar NPC.B All the items from this NPC can only be bought by Avatar Donations coins, GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comD7Cfe.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.comIRoyd.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.comIGUIc.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.comPVsufab.pngGALLERY BNew Black Avatar NPC.B We have collect all new black avatar in that shop. GALLERYimage httpepvpimg.comnz7gfab.pngGALLERY BSpecial Items NPC.B u will find advancedtitlesspecial items in that NPC. GALLERYimage httpepvpimg.comfhjedab.pngGALLERY BSpecial Potion NPC.B All the Special potion from this NPC like MP,HP XX-Large and vigor 30-purification Pill D14. GALLERYimage httpepvpimg.comcCk7gab.pngGALLERY BNew Avatar Thief NPC.B u can buy New special dresswingshat from that NPC. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comnEbFfab.pngGALLERY BDonation Attack Pets and Grab PetsB The G Pet Stands for Grab pets, the grab pets in this NPC can only be purchased by Avatar Donation coins. The A Pet Stands for Attack pets, the attack pets in this NPC can only be purchased by Avatar Donation coins. The attack pets also have a faster speed then normal player speed, and they can cause de-buff to your opponent. GALLERYimage httpepvpimg.comhuR2cab.pngGALLERY BNPC EffectB GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comDmjQaab.jpgGALLERY CENTERSIZE5FONTSilkRoadSection ScrollsFONTSIZECENTER BNPC Scrolls.B TABLEheadScroll Name BHeroB BRebornB BNew LookB BChange RaceB BChange NameB BChange Devil GenderB BReset SkillsB BReset StatsB BFGW Reset TimeB BFGW Reset QuestB BSwitcher Egy AB BSwitcher Egy BB BMixed EffectB BColor EffectB BBlue DevilB BStar GlowB BCircle GlowB BSpirit KillerB BHWT Reset TimeB BCircle GlowB BSpecial Nick NameB BRemove PKB BRemove SwitcherB BRemove PremiumB BRemove AngelGodBlessB BRemove JOb PenaltyB BRemove Guild PenaltyB BRemove Special Nick NameB BRemove AdvancedB BRemove Avatar BlueB BRemove DurabilityBTABLE In this NPC 4 tabs 2 tabs include most of scrolls in sro. GALLERYimage httpepvpimg.comJrB5cab.pngGALLERY BSpecial Switcher scrollB Youll know if ones using an Special Switcher scroll hes weapon or shield will be looks like D11. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.com6IONaab.png image httpi.epvpimg.com0c1abab.pngGALLERY BSpecial Glow Star scrollB Youll know if ones using an Special Glow scroll hes weapon or shield will change your Glow to Star. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comSZJ3bab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comgmuPcab.pngGALLERY BSpecial Glow Circle scrollB Youll know if ones using an Special Glow scroll hes weapon or shield will change your Glow to Circle. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comSZJ3bab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comPYWpfab.pngGALLERY BSpecial Glow Mixed scrollB Youll know if ones using an Special Glow Mixed scroll hes weapon or shield will change your GlowEffect to 8 different colors. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comSZJ3bab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comIrmccab.pngGALLERY BSpecial Effect scrollB Youll know if ones using an Special Effect scroll hes weapon or shield will change your Effect to 8 different colors. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comEy2Afab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comi9zbbab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comCYJDcab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comlt8vaab.png image httpi.epvpimg.com3EOSbab.png image httpi.epvpimg.com8NfBcab.png image httpi.epvpimg.com47qGdab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comhMUldab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comDnGweab.pngGALLERY BNew Nick Name ScrollsB Once use one of this 10 scrolls u gone take special nick name beside your character name. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.com243Mbab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comE7Kvbab.png image httpi.epvpimg.com3yS5eab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comAs4Jaab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comM7pFcab.png image httpi.epvpimg.combpWkfab.png image httpi.epvpimg.com67eXdab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comhFMgaab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comvhLqdab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comBCYCeab.png image httpi.epvpimg.com2tXpaab.pngGALLERY CENTERSIZE5FONTSilkRoadSection ItemsFONTSIZECENTER BNew Premium 20 and angle blessB 1st server edit Premium 20 and angle bless in F10 by silk for Free. GALLERYimage httpepvpimg.comFGuneab.pngimage httpepvpimg.comjonPdab.pngimage httpepvpimg.com8zq2eab.pngimage httpepvpimg.combUR2dab.pngimage httpepvpimg.comx3Kaaab.pngGALLERY FONTSilkRoadSIZE4New AVA ItemsSIZEFONT BGod Bless ScrollB If you see the red wings on ones character, that means theyve activated an God Bless Scroll. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comYqATg.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.commINEf.pngGALLERY BSpecial Attack PetsB Special attack pets attack with special skills like wizbow2hglaive. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.com1a0Yeab.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.comxTSpdab.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.comj6c3eab.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.comMbXEaab.pngGALLERY B30 PremiumB Youll know if ones using an 30 premium if you see that flashing AVA logo on top of their heads. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comLyy0g.png image httpi.epvpimg.comShGtd.pngGALLERY BSpecial DevilB Youll know if ones using an Special Devil if you see that new effect and new skills. Each one of this skill have different use .like speedattackparrymagphy. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comZPg5b.png image httpi.epvpimg.comD9XVb.png image httpi.epvpimg.comUZ8Udab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comK5lee.png image httpi.epvpimg.comR5Q0d.pngGALLERY BEffect for normal weaponsB All of our Degree 15 20 weapons have this seal,and glow. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comWCDOdab.pngGALLERY BEffect for advanced weaponsB All of our Degree 15 26 weapons have this seal,and glow. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.com4Xerdab.pngGALLERY BCharacter EffectsB The name explains it self. 28 days lasting buff that has an effect on the character making it look more special. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comnxHPeab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comjqpwaab.png image httpi.epvpimg.como1Z0aab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comLWQWdab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comkH6Ycab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comglZ8dab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comvgA7cab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comdDszbab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comL8NAfab.pngGALLERY BAttack PetsB there are useful skills that you can purchase with a mixture of Gold Ava Job coin from the NPC Area shop to apply on your pet so it can actually de-buff Like- Force Of Fire 20 Physical Magical pet damage increase. Burn Probability 25. Force Of Lightning 20 Physical Magical pet damage increase. Electric shock Probability 20. Force Of Cold 20 Physical Magical pet damage increase. Freezing Probability 5 Frostbite Probability 25. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comDYurgab.pngGALLERY BMax StackB Most items max stack. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comqaPsgab.pngGALLERY BMercenary GuardB Special Mercenary Guards attack with Master Guild with custom skills like lightfirecoldspearbowbladerwizxbow2hdagger1hearth. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comesT6eab.pngGALLERY IMGhttpi.epvpimg.com4tdEaab.jpgIMG CENTERSIZE5FONTSilkRoadSection QuestFONTSIZECENTER BDaily QuestB Whats the purpose of Quest if its out of competition The system that we added isnt a particular neither an authentic one, we cant say that we invented it, but we had to add it to make it worthy to have a of competition between all players, you have to rush into getting Coins that we have prepared for you, your story has just begun and you can actually shape the type of champion you want to be,that quest we edit to give support to each player to Owen Job Coin, A system to give players a chance to get Job Coin without donating is always needed So for us the best solution to reward your active players is something different and this is daily quest. We will have a big variety of daily quest to ensure all players will find some on their beloved activities. all u want to do just accept the quest from daily npc and hunt mobs ong in samarkand area, u can make this quest for 3 times per day in each time u must kill 1500 mobs ong, after finish each hunting delivery the quest to receive your coins, You can find this quest at the Daily Quest NPC located at NPC Area GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comgcgcfab.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.comzHgoeab.pngGALLERY BFGW QuestB in order we try to make AvatarSro more fair and fun we open FGW to give our lovely players more ways to get special advanced. in first u must accept the quest from npc area, than back to NPC to buy one of 4 Dimension Hole in shop by custom price avatar coins,than enter FGW area to hunt Boxs and collect 8 cards than delivery your Quest to pick one of our special advanced as reward,drop books rate increased than old school rates,also we edit special notice for books used. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comuN72eab.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.comDUsMbab.pngGALLERY IMGhttpi.epvpimg.compRYzfab.jpgIMG CENTERSIZE5FONTSilkRoadSection EventsFONTSIZECENTER BHide Seek Event HS-3 RoundB The Hide and Seek event is self explain, At first, they supply one hint in 5 random towens for everyone to go off, to find the GM. After a certain amount of time, they will notify everyone of their location. Once someone finds the GM and exchanges himher, it will be notified Winner of the event is rewarded with 50 Job coins. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comMUmzh.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.com7xDQd.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.com1dMUe.pngGALLERY BTrivia Event-1 RoundB The Trivia Event is a Question and Answer kindve thing. Once the GM asks the question, your able to either PM AvatarSroBoT with your answer, or you can global your answer If you happen to answer the question correctly, you win the event The winner of this event is rewarded 50 Job coins for each round. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.com7Sxtc.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.comzwCBd.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.comS3gTb.pngGALLERY BSearch and Destroy Event-1 RoundB Asoon as this event triggers, it will tell you to find the Adjutant Honghaea at a mysterious location. I guess you could look at it as a Monster hide seek event. You search for the Monster in 3 random towen, and you kill it. Winner of the event is rewarded with 50 Job coins. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comvQhUf.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.com1COBg.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.coms8Cwh.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.comCyIjf.pngGALLERY BKill the GM Event-3 RoundB After this notifies, you may go outside Jangan South or DW south, and cape in a blue cape, and kill the GM NPC that appears with a blue cape on. Winner of the event is rewarded with 15 Job coins for each round , followed by your name notified throughout the server. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comBes4g.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.comd1Nge.pngGALLERY BLucky Party Number Event L.P.N.B This is an Event we like to call, the Lucky Party Number Event. The system notifies everyone of the Event, you aim for the desired number, then you keep making parties until you get that number which was assigned. The winner of the event is rewarded with 50 Job coins. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comJ2cme.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.comJKVub.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.comJYDDc.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.comF0Tlc.pngGALLERY BAuto Event UniqueB Auto Event takes place everyday, anyone can attend it. Whoever kills the most unique, wins the Auto Unique Event. The winner gets 50 Job coins, as well as getting a Unique Slaying title GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comqhX6d.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.comkF8be.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.comHYeuc.pngGALLERY BAuto Event Pvp Slayer ModeB Auto Event takes place everyday, anyone can attend it. Whoever kills the most Players, wins the Auto Event Pvp Slayer Mode. The winner gets 50 Job coins, as well as getting a Event Pvp Slayer Mode title GALLERYimage httpepvpimg.comJ3txfab.pngimage httpepvpimg.comqWO7c.pngimage httpepvpimg.comlGZHgab.pngGALLERY BLast Man Standing Event SurvivalB GALLERYimage httpepvpimg.comODnwb.pngGALLERY This Last Man Standing event recalls maximum of 60 players into its area once the event starts and takes place. In order to register for this event, make pt form 11 with title LMS, After the system notifies the game that the L.M.S. event will start in X minutes, you have 5 minutes to register in order to take place in the event. Whomever registers will be recalled into an arena and then the event will start, after recalled u must wear yellow cap less than 30 sec or u will be out event, there is no rules inside, you cant party with other team-mates if u removed your pt before event finish or join any other pt u will out event, you can use zerk, angel devil spirits, scrolls, etc. Whoever doesnt make it and however Dies in the event, gets spawned back to town and cannot return to the area until the next time. However, the last player that stands in the arena killing everyone, wins the event and should get the PM below from Survival. The winner of this event is rewarded with 50 Job coins, and the title shown below GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.com8okLc.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.comFWySb.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.com4cj3c.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.comQxmld.pngimage httpi.epvpimg.com05i1d.pngGALLERY BAuto Event Job Slayer ModeB Auto Event takes place everyday, anyone can attend it under job mode only. Whoever kills the most Players, wins the Auto Event Job Slayer Mode. The winner gets 50 Job coins, as well as getting a Event Job Slayer Mode title GALLERYimage httpepvpimg.comCCXMbab.pngimage httpepvpimg.comrwG7bab.pngimage httpepvpimg.comlGZHgab.pngGALLERY CENTERSIZE5FONTSilkRoadSection AreaFONTSIZECENTER IMGhttpi.epvpimg.comfoTsaab.jpgIMG BDungeonsB We have been added alot of Area and of this Dungeons u can go under job mode to hunt uniques drop Gold scroll. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.combilzeab.jpgimage httpi.epvpimg.comWJCDbab.pngGALLERY IMGhttpi.epvpimg.comYngteab.jpgIMG BUniquesB We have been added a lot of uniques inside and out side rooms and around map, there is 2 reason make uniques special and important. 1st-u gain point at unique rank each month for JC coin as RW. 2sec-all uniques in AvatarSro drop coinsscroll gold. 3rd-each reverse point in map have unique drop JC. GALLERYimage httpepvpimg.comp8hZcab.pngimage httpepvpimg.como72vbab.pngimage httpepvpimg.comFv53fab.pngGALLERY BNew AreasB If you approach this NPC thats almost in the center of Jangan, its named Jangan The NPC itself and it looks like the photo above. After youve selected the teleport NPC, quite a few options will pop up. As you see highlighted, the Petra and Survival zones. After you teleport to one, itll teleport you to Petra Survival zone where theres an NPC, click the NPC an follows that, is a list of teleport zones. GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comeltYfab.jpgGALLERY BBaghdad town Full EditB GALLERYimage httpepvpimg.comivAkeab.pngGALLERY IMGhttpi.epvpimg.comMeovcab.jpgIMG BPetra Full EditB CENTERIMGhttpi.epvpimg.comeSAFdab.jpgIMGCENTER GALLERYimage httpepvpimg.comLZdDaab.pngimage httpepvpimg.commAkDaab.pngGALLERY IMGhttpi.epvpimg.comkRXUeab.jpgIMG BSurvival Full EditB CENTERIMGhttpi.epvpimg.comnanmaab.jpgIMGCENTER GALLERYimage httpepvpimg.comrF92dab.pngimage httpepvpimg.comFjZRcab.pngGALLERY IMGhttpi.epvpimg.comnXD7eab.jpgIMG CENTERSIZE5FONTSilkRoadSection SkillsFONTSIZECENTER BBalanceB Were not like the other servers. We wont just disable the entire European race lower the probability of Impotent in Force mastery or just increase the damage of Chinese by 20 then go like hey, we achieved balance. This is our goal. To be the first server ever to achieve balance between China Europe without taking shortcuts that apparently never work. We have made a lot of changes in order to balance PVP action between CH EU. We also made a lot changes in order to make guild fortress wars tougher, more interesting less buff reliable. BNew Skills CHB New Skills Level 140 has been edit for all builds GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comD920bab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comAg3odab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comk172fab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comgeeGdab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comu9aPcab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comcbu8gab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comjOkwbab.pngGALLERY BNew Skills EUB New Skills Level 140 has been edit for all builds GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comWqjNfab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comwB3Tdab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comQCY2eab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comVoGOaab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comx0A2cab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comSNP8gab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comQV4Gbab.png image httpi.epvpimg.comf6ieaab.pngGALLERY BVIP SkillsB GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comOYH4eab.jpgGALLERY BJob SkillsB GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comTxZNdab.jpgGALLERY BPassive SkillsB GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.com1gQofab.jpgGALLERY BEmojin SkillsB GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.com4AF5eab.jpgGALLERY BWind SkillsB GALLERYimage httpi.epvpimg.comhaGHaab.jpgGALLERY BClosed some skillsB Removed Bard Tambours and Dancings Removed some buffs warrior Removed Effect Buff from Reverse Immolation GALLERYimage httpepvpimg.commBJ8fab.pngGALLERY CENTERSIZE5FONTSilkRoadStrict RulesFONTSIZECENTER BNo racismB - We decided to take this very seriously. Openly private chat is not included insulting someone elses nation, religion, skin color, etc. will result in a temporary ban upon report. BNo scamB - Fake chars copying reliable people or just simple scammers will be permanently banned upon report. We strongly encourage everyone to screenshots of every business action to ensure safety. We will get your item back, if the guilty person is proved to be a scammer. BDont insult the staffB - We are people who do A FKNG LOT OF WORK to maintain the server. Is this the honor that you wanna fk our mothers, or worse Temporary ban will be provided, be cautious. FONTSilkRoadSIZE4 Server Staff Team CrewSIZEFONT FONTSilkRoadBAVATARBFONT - Server Game Master, Developer, and Owner. FONTSilkRoadB AVATARBFONT If you have any problems or issues, or need to ask a question or two, please message me on skype MENTION6969306avatarfire1MENTION,we doing our best to give all of our players the Ubest gameplay as possibleU. The Avatar TeamCENTER

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