Silkroad Online Cap 130 Private Servers

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We have 64 Servers in our list atm, 29 of which are online right now with a total of 9214 Players.


Silkroad Europe 2017

Silkroad Europe

Silkroad Europe High rate 130 cap Silkroad server with unique reborn system, item forge, unique skill system, unique character context menu, daily events, friendly GM's and much more! Join us now! [Free Silk][Free Items][Online 24/7][Dedicated Root][EXP...


PureSRO D14 Cap130 2017

PureSRO D14 Cap130

PureSRO Server D14 Cap130 - Free Silk - All new Updates at Silkroad world - Vote For Coins - CTF/Arena - New AutoEvents 24/7 - New Uniques - Great website - New Scrolls - New PvP Events system - FGW - 4 FTW - High Drop rate - Job Based - Helpful GM /...


[ SROMANIA ] a SRO-R Private Server 2017

[ SROMANIA ] a SRO-R Private Server

A quest based server, that allows you to actually enjoy Silkroad instead of boting :D You wont regret giving us a try, I promise.


Edoiwen Online 2017

Edoiwen Online

Server info -- Edoiwen Online Open (03/12/2016) Experience Rate: 250x Party Experience Rate: 300x Gold Rate: 50x Drops: 65x Alchemy : 3.0x


Dr Sro Online 2017

Dr Sro Online

Dr Sro Online Private Server Silkroad D14 Cap 130 PVE Free Silk For More Info Via Facebook Dr Sro




Start level 130 Level Cap 130 Degree 14 Mastery Level 390 First 50 players take full items 20 Coin system. Original Avatars and New Avatars. New Thief Avatar. Fellow pets. Custom skill effects. unique summon scrolls. Arabia town mobs. New...


New SRO System 2017

New SRO System

New SRO System with Cap 130 ♦ Dgree 15 item ♦ New Skill | New Avatar| New Glow | New Quest | New Unique | New npc | New Pets | New Title Name's | New Area Town | System coin | Daily Reward System | News Scroll's | Facebook system | Evry hour get 4silks.


German  2017

ISRO is an online game where players from around the world assume the roles of heroic fantasy characters and explore a virtual world full of mystery, magic, and endless adventure.


Dark World 2017

Dark World

Cap 130 / DG 14 / New Skills / New Area / Free Silk / Unique rank / PVP rank


Silkroad Slayer Networks 2017

Silkroad Slayer Networks

11 11 Official Server Team Slayer Server Community Dedicated host of Spain - Madrid Zero Lag, Zero Bug, 100 Stable, CloudFlare Proxy 11 11 In Slayer Networks we like to keep the classic look Of Official Silkroad, Without extreme and...




Power-Road Online Sprcial Items NPC items SUN D 13 D14 D15 NPC New Avatars New att Pets New GodBales Sestym Coin New Quest Max 25 adv Daily events HS - LC - Uniques - PVP.. etc FTW worked 100 NO BUG 97 Weekly auto events for 15D Weapon for STR -...


Global-Sro Online

Global-Sro Online

itio Web Fanpage httpswww.facebook.comGlobal-Silkroad-722891754531217 Server Features Level Cap 130 Degree 15 Mastery Level 390 Coin system. Original Avatars and New Avatars. New Thief Avatar. Fellow pets. ...

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