gY1kd.png Hi there, we would like to re-introduce TitanSRO! This is a Job Points, Arena, FGW and Holy Water Temple Instance based server as you will need to do a combination of all 3 to get your Egypt gear, that’s right the ONLY way you can get sun is by playing the game. Coins (Silk) is the only thing that can be obtained by donation, with this you can buy special items such as customized pick/attack pets, VIP Premium and other cosmetic items. We have heavily reduced the amount of gold gained since our last server and changed much more to make the server more economically stable. To increase the job activity only Jangan, Donwhang and Hotan Trade Stations are enabled with customised rates and Job Points. The final tier Egypt A or B items are not much stronger than droppable 11D Nova but give a +2 and +4 enhancment to your set when you collect all Egypt pieces. This allows for a much more fun and balanced PvP across all players. TESTING PHASE (BETA) Titan will hold a 3 day testing phase so that we can make sure everything is fine before we go live, the server itself, the content, the website and everything that belongs to a well functional server. So we would like to ask you to try everything out and make sure you report anything to us so we can fix it in the testing phase. Keep in mind that the server may go offline from time to time during the BETA to apply fixes if needed. The server will open on 25/09/2016 at 12:00pm Server Time (GMT +0) You can download our client here: Google Drive Download More links will be added soon, you can alwyas get the latest info and client from our Webpage Players who join within the first 24h will receive a special Founders Hat! TITAN MAIN INFO Rates : EXP: 15x PARTY EXP: 25x GOLD: 1x ITEM: 5x (Customized) Server Info : Level Cap: 110 Max Degree: 11D with Egypt Items. RACE: EU & CH MAPS: All maps available. NPC Sun Gear: Degree 1 – 9 Available for gold at all the normal town NPC’s Starter Pack : All new starters will receive the following items; 10k Starter HP Potions. 10k Starter MP Potions. 1x Gold Pig Pickpet. 20x Return Scrolls 10x Reverse Return Scrolls 1x Devil Spirit B grade 1x Knight Avatar GAME CONTENT & CHANGES Titan also offers changes to the Silkroad system but we didn't want to completely overhaul it to keep the originality from Silkroad as we know it. Read below to find out the changes & new content, more to find ingame by yourself as we strongly encourage you to come and check out Titan personally! HardwareID System and Exploit Protection: You can connect 4 clients from 1 computer in TitanSRO. Titan is also protected against DDOS and Exploit attacks to ensure a smooth running server. Automatic Events: - Auto Q&A Event. * Reply with the correct answer to a question to win a silk rewrd. - Random Kill The GM Event. * A GM character will spawn at a rrandom location, find and kill him to win a silk reward. - Search and Destroy KingSlayer Event. * A King Unique will spawn that will drop a powerful KingSlayer Buff Scroll and other special items. - Lottery Event. * Buy a lottery Ticket from the Titan NPC in Jangan to be in with a chance to win the Gold Jackpot! - Unique Event. * Waves of Uniques spawn at a set location. - More Events Coming! Skill Balance: - 24/7 Chinese skill balance buff has been applied to Chinese characters to make the Europe and Chinese races more balanced. - Warrior * Sprint Assault - Stun and Knockback Reduced. Stun from 35% to 30% / Knockback from 76% to 55%. * Pain Quota, Physical and Magical Fence - Rates Reduced. All absorbtion/dispertion rates set to 60%. * Shield Trash/Bash - Knockback Reduced. Knockback from 80% to 60%. - Wizard * Overall weapon damage output reduced. - Bard * Vibration Passive Skill - Damage Increased. Magic Attck Damage Increased 108% to 120% - Warlock * Single Target Debuff Skills (Raze) - Cooldown Increased. Cooldown Increased from 2 seconds to 7 seconds. * Multi Target Debuff Skills (Ravage) - Cooldown Increased. Cooldown Increased from 5 seconds to 10 seconds. * Slumber - Cooldown Increased. Cooldown Increased from 10 seconds to 20 seconds. * Deep Slumber - Cooldown Increased. Cooldown Increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds. * Daze - Cooldown Increased. Cooldown Increased from 10 seconds to 15 seconds. * Wrath Daze - Cooldown Increased. Cooldown Increased from 15 seconds to 20 seconds. * Reflect, Advanced Reflect - Cooldown Increased. Cooldown Increased from 2 mins to 3 mins. - Bicheon * Twin Energy Smash - Bleed Chance Increased. Bleed Chance Increased from 20% to 35%. * Lightning Chain - Debuff Chance Increased. All Debuff Chances Increased from 20% to 30%. * Thousand Army Chain - Debuff Chance Increased. All Debuff Chances Increased from 20% to 30%. - Heuskal * Soul Spear Emperor - Stun Chance Increased. Stun Chance Increased from 15% to 22%. * Soul Spear Destruction - Stun Chance Increased. Stun Chance Increased from 10% to 17%. - Celestial Cloud Spear - Bleed Debuff Added. * 35% Bleed Chance Added. - Pacheon * 6 Arrow Combo - Bleed Debuff Added. 5% Bleed Chance Added. * Strong Bow Will - Critical and Stun Increased. Critical Chance Increased from 15% to 25%. Stun Chance Increased from 25% to 35%. * Mind Conentration (Passive) - Attack Rate Increased. +10 Bonus Attack Rate per Level. - Cold * Ice Imbue Increased to the same damage as Lightning. * Ice Multi-Shot Increased to same damage as Cranes Thunderbolt. - Lightning * Ghost Walk Movement Speed Increased to 110%. Union Chat Limit: We have removed the restriction of the Union Chat allowing you to allocate union chatting ability to all of your guild if you choose too. Job Point System: We have added a Job Point system that is based on the sale of goods when trading or thieving, there is a limit of 100 Job Points per day. You can use your Job Points to purchase Egypt Items and upgrade scrolls. Traders will get 2 Job Points for every 5* load that is sold. Thieves will get 3 Job Points for every 5* load that is sold. Hunters will get 2 Job Points for every 5* load that is sold. These figures are based on 1 long trade from Jangan to Hotan or 2 short trades from donwhang, the Job Points will be awarded to your character when you relog. Gold Reduction and balance: Gold income from all sources has been heavily reduced from the last Titan, the maximum sellprice for any item is now 50k gold, prices at the NPC's have been adjusted to match the reduction. New VIP Premium: The Premium in Titan is called Titan VIP and comes in 4 variations: Burning Red, Arctic Blue and Abyss Red. They all give the same bonus but have different glowing hand effects for each, there is also one without any effects should you not want it. Leveling Equipment: 1-5D SoX Equipment can be bought from the town NPC's for 1 Gold, above 6D the price goes up to 50k per item. Model Changer System for Egypt B Weapons: You can now change the model of your 11D Egypt B Weapon to either a 12D or 13D model, there is also the option to remove it if you wish. Forgotten World: Shipwreck enabled to obtain EGY A weapons by collecting 8 talismans dropped from the treasure chests and bosses inside. Fortress War: For now, only Jangan Fortress is enabled, but we have Bandit, Hotan and Constantinople fortress ready to go. Fortress War Uniques are also working and can be purchased from the Fortress Clerk in Jangan. Battle Arena: Random matching battle arena is enabled which allows you to collect arena coins for EGY Accessories. Arena Coins will also be dropped from Arabia Uniques that randomly spawn around Titan. Capture The Flag: In CTF you gain Copper coins which can be exchanged with the Titan CTF NPC in Jangan for socket stones, avatars and other useful items. Job Temple: Here you can fight the special Uniques Selket, Neith, Anubis, Isis, Haroeris and Seth which will spawn here in sequence every 3 hours, you can only enter this area when wearing a job suit. These uniques drop Gold, Silver and Iron Coins which you can use to get your Egypt B Equipment. The Job Temple Uniques and Medusa also have a chance to drop Egypt Type A Equipment. Holy Water Temple: Enabled with customized drop rates for the coins to purchase Egypt equipment. All instances of the Holy Water Temple are unlocked straight away allowing you to fight in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Quest System: Over 25 new quests have been added with rewards such as Silk Scrolls, Titles, Special pets and much more. Title System: Over 40 customized titles are available at the Titan Title NPC in Jangan. Custom Pets: Over 70 new Pickpets and Attack Pets added, some of these pets have special skills and abiities giving you the edge in combat. There are 2 types of Skill Pets at the Titan Item & Quest NPC, Attack Pets which all now have a unique single debuff ability that is gained at pet level 100. The other type are the Special Attack Pets which have 2 debuff abilities and extra damage, the debuffs are gained at pet level 100 and the extra damage is gained at pet level 110. These debuff abilities include: Bleed, Impotent, Division, Weaken, Dull, Stun and Decay. DW Cave customizations: The Downhwang stone cave now also contains 100 to 110 monsters for you train on. More custom content: New Blue/Red Stat Remover Scrolls and many other custom items available at TITAN NPC's. All the latest avatars and variations, all new items located at the TITAN NPC's in Jangan Town. AT LAST Titan will not only offer ingame content to all of you... Titan also offers a full blown website with personal profiles and rankings, from player rankings to unique rankings to job rankings but also our Vote4Silk, Ticketsystem and Security System will make sure you have the best experience both ingame and outside of the game. We are looking forward to bring updates to our website and make it grow into something bigger and more useable for you as a Silkroad player. We hope to bring you joy and fun on Titan and we look forward to your visit on our server! Thanks for reading and there is much more to find out ingame, login and join the party! [GALLERY=title: More Screens] [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/rdj6b.png, title: Avatars [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/mReWd.png, title: Quests [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/rDUHf.jpg, title: Quests 2 [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/4wizd.png, title: Custom Pet [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/kWNug.png, title: Custom Items & Quests [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/ehVSb.png, title: Ability Pets [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/v4Spd.png, title: Khulood Unique [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/QuXag.png, title: Login UI [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/GVv0f.png, title: Arena Items [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/8fu6g.png, title: Arena Items 2 [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/saEag.png [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/Zp0Ab.png, title: Quest Rewards [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/Bofff.png, title: Quest Rewards 2 [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/fcHgb.png, title: Collection Book [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/5EVef.png, title: Custom Title [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/swCIf.png, title: Burning Red [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/Q1h5g.png, title: Arctic Blue [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/Ldh2g.png, title: Abyss Red [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/RzUqe.png, title: Trade layout [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/nXdpc.jpg, title: Item Mall [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/KdKcg.jpg, title: New NPC’s [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/LrIpf.jpg, title: NPC Items [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/WXdjg.jpg, title: More NPC Items [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/3gJae.jpg, title: Pet Skills [*]image: http://i.epvpimg.com/Ppcie.jpg, title: More pet skills [/GALLERY]

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